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The Center for Management Development is running from 1979 in the state by the Kerala government as a research-driven management consulting and training organization serving the national, state, and local governments as well as development agencies and corporate and social sector organizations. It was founded with the aim of offering specialized management assistance to various business kinds. It is affiliated with the Kerala government’s Industries Department and is recognized as a professional organization. is not related or associated with Centre for Management Development, Kerala. The Official Website of CMD Kerala is This website is an Independent News Portal designed to help our readers stay updated with Trending News all over the World. We Do not claim to be any government body or associated with any government body. If you want to log on to official website of Centre for Management Development, Kerala, please log on to If you wish to contact us then kindly email us at

CMD Kerala- Organization

Center for Management Development (CMD) is run by a Governing Board that consists of a Chairman, 3 top secretaries to the Kerala government, 4 CEOs of state-owned businesses, 2 management scholars, 2 businessmen, and 2 members from professional associations. Through the use of industry expertise, cutting edge research, and leadership training experience, Center for Management Development is working with management teams in many organizations.

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Vision of CMD Kerala

The vision of Center for Management Development (CMD) is to develop into a globally recognized Center of Excellence offering comprehensive management services and development.

Mission of CMD Kerala

The mission of Center for Management Development (CMD) is to share world class consulting, advisory, research, and training services to corporations, NGO, and the government while having transparency, accountability, and commitment.

CMDKerala - Trending News All Around the Globe

Objectives of CMD Kerala

  • To promote advance and improve management methods and policies. In the fields of development, services, and manufacturing
  • To promote the Kerala’s entrepreneurial potential via IITA package.
  • To improve working managers’ and important employees’ decision-making abilities in the public, corporate, and NGO sectors.
  • By conducting research, advising, providing training, and sharing advisory services and to support governmental, nonprofit, and corporate organizations in improving the administration of development initiatives and programs in both rural and urban areas.
  • To make a pool youthful management experts in order to aid in the professionalization of management.

Infrastructure of CMD Kerala

  • Lecture Hall– There are two lecture halls at Center for Management Development (CMD). More than 100 persons may be accommodated in the AC lecture hall known as Silver Jubilee Hall. This hall has A/V systems, an LCD projector, a microphone, a VCD/DVD player, a phone line, air conditioning, Wi-Fi connectivity, and other amenities.
  • Library– All functional areas of Center for Management Development (CMD) are covered by the best in the CWS library. The library has stock of every prestigious magazine and periodical produced in India and elsewhere. The CMD Kerala’s library has huge volumes of well-known international journals, such as The Economist, Organizational Dynamics, Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, The Academy of Management Review, and so on.

CMD Kerala- Management Development Programme

Corporate Governance- Research on corporate governance by CMD Kerala conducted globally has demonstrated that inadequate corporate governance is a factor in financial instability. A key component of any capacity building process is enabling corporate governance in any company to provide long-term outputs and results. In order to accomplish each organization’s goals, corporate governance leads the way.

Decision Making- Some decisions are tactical, while others are strategic and both the company and the decision maker themselves suffer greatly when decisions are made. As we know that making decisions is not an easy task as we have to look on every aspect of the decision. Rather than going over basic management methods for making decisions, the seminar by CMD Kerala will concentrate on how excellent outcomes in difficult situations evolve via collective knowledge.

Major Activities of CMD Kerala

  • Beginning in 2017–18, the Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board (KIIFB) has selected the Centre for Management Development (CMD) as a service provider. KIIFB is a government-owned organization that offers funding for important and substantial governmental infrastructure projects. The primary objective is to raise funds in a dynamic manner for Kerala’s infrastructure development, encompassing the State’s significant land acquisition requirements.
  • The ECI launched the SVEEP program in 2010 with the goal of utilizing effective communication to engage the public and guarantee the enrollment of all eligible voters, raise awareness of the right to vote, close registration and participation gaps, and promote increased election participation. The purpose of the SVEEP Survey is to guide election departments in different states and evaluate the effectiveness of SVEEP campaigns among voters nationwide.
  • The Election Commission of India via CMD Kerala did the Baseline Survey in Kerala to survey eligible voters in Kerala who are over the age of 18. The goal of the survey is to determine the voters’ awareness of the SLA elections, as well as their access to information about the electoral process, media exposure, voter registration, electoral procedures, education, and overall attitude toward democracy. The survey was used to gather general voter impressions and opinions regarding the election process and the ECI’s objectives.