Quebec Minimum Wage 2024: What is the Expected Increase in Minimum Wage in Quebec?

If you are from Quebec then you must know the Minimum Wage Rate in Quebec. According to the official update, the Current Minimum Wage in Quebec is CAD 15.25 per hour which is expected to increase to CAD 15.75 per hour on May 1, 2024. You should be aware that the Minimum Wage Rate is set according to federal regulations and it affects all federally regulated private sectors such as banking, postal, courier services, interprovincial air, rail, road and ocean transportation.

Minimum wage rates apply in all sectors and workers in such industries will receive the new federal minimum wage rate accordingly. If you are searching for Quebec Minimum Wage 2024 as well as What is the Minimum Wage in Quebec Now in CAD then read the following section and know the updates here.

Quebec Minimum Wage 2024

Additionally, workers in these sectors receive higher rates if the minimum wage in their province or territory is higher than the federal minimum wage. The Quebec provincial government decided to raise the Quebec Minimum Wage Rate to keep workers in line with inflation. This increase can give them enough income to manage their expenses. Recently, the government has set New Minimum Wage Rates for all workers and it will come into effect on May 1, 2024. This means that from this date, you will get a slightly higher salary from your employer and they will have to set the workers’ pascal according to the new rates. The Consumer Price Index will also set the Federal Minimum Wage Rate in the state and will occur annually to maintain the ratio between earnings and inflation.

Many people are working on an hourly basis, full-time, part-time, commission-based or flat rate. Therefore this Quebec Minimum Wage 2024 applies to all workers and an employer is required to pay employees with a new rate as per government regulations. An increase in minimum wage will give you additional income support which needs to be implemented by the government in every sector and pay the rate accordingly. In Quebec, many regions are under the minimum wage rate and offer this rate to pay people. If you want to know further updates on this then do check out the updates given below and know the data release available by the concerned department.

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Minimum Wages in Quebec 2024 – Overview

Article OnQuebec Minimum Wage 2024
BeneficiaryEmployees of Each Sector
Current Minimum Wage in QuebecCAD 15.25 Per Hour
Minimum Wage Increase in QuebecCAD 15.75 Per Hour
Effective Date1st May 2024

What is the Minimum Wage in Quebec in CAD?

If we talk about minimum wage, it is the salary received by employees from their employers based on their work. If you are concerned with which sector comes under minimum wage rules then you will get at least minimum wage from the company and they have to pay the salary as per the rules. As latest. The Quebec Minimum Wage is CAD 15.25 per hour and will soon increase to CAD 15.75 per hour on May 1, 2024. This increase will be due to inflation and will determine the consumer price index.

If you are full-time or part-time then you can get this minimum salary from the employer and they have to pay you this minimum salary. Following the enactment of the New Employment Wages Act, the minimum wage rate fluctuates annually in line with inflation. Because the government wants to protect people from inflation and wants to assist them so that they can meet their living expenses. The new federal rate will apply to your salary from the company and will increase your minimum income. So always keep an eye on changes to the Quebec minimum wage rate and know the updates that go through your salary.

Quebec Minimum Wage 2024

Work sectors in Quebec that are affected by the Minimum Wage Rate

Many work areas are in Quebec and people are working there. If you want to find the Quebec minimum wage in your area, check the list below and find out if you are eligible to receive a salary with the increase in the Quebec minimum wage. The changes will affect the environment, salary package, working time, location and other factors included by the government. This is the minimum wage increase you can receive in Quebec if you are employed in the following sectors. Check the following sectors.

  • Manufacturing,
  • Retail,
  • Social Assistance,
  • Healthcare, and More

What is the Unemployment Rate in Quebec?

When the minimum wage rate increases, the employment rate also increases. Because this will give some boost to all the people in getting employment to earn more income. This increase will give a typical employee some amount of increase and the minimum amount the employer will have to offer. If we look at the unemployment rate in Quebec it is 4.40% in 2024 and if compared to last year it is slightly higher than last year which was 4.10%.

In Quebec, many sectors refused jobs and relieved workers from their posts. If we calculate the ratio, Quebec’s Employment Growth is 0.5% which is the lowest rate in Canada compared to other provinces. Millions of people lost their jobs if they worked part-time as well as full-time. Around 12600 jobs are rejected in the full-time stream and around 5400 jobs in part-time are decided every year. Both men and women are affected by this declining process and have lost their source of income to manage the expenses. Due to this slight decline, the unemployment rate figure reached close to 5.6% and this is a matter of concern for the country.

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Minimum Wage Rates by States in Canada

Nova ScotiaMinimum Wage Rates
AlbertaCAD 15 Per Hour
British ColumbiaCAD 17.40 Per Hour
ManitobaCAD 15.30 Per Hour
Newfoundland & LabradorCAD 15.60 Per Hour
Northwest TerritoriesCAD 16.05 Per Hour
Nove ScotiaCAD 15.20 Per Hour
NunavutCAD 19 Per Hour
OntarioCAD 17.20 Per Hour
Prince Edward IslandCAD 16 Per Hour
QuebecIncrease from CAD 15.25 Per Hour to CAD 15.75 Per Hour on 1st May 2024
SaskatchewanCAD 14 Per Hour
YukonCAD 17.59 Per Hour

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