$1312 Stimulus Checks in February 2024 – Who is Eligible for this Payment and When Will You Get it?

Those residents of Alaska who were eligible can claim almost $1312 from the Department of Revenue in just a few days. The criteria in order to get this stimulus are given in this article in a detailed manner. In order to get the payment for the upcoming days the individuals are required to qualify as a part of the Permanent Fund Dividend for the year 2023. Those who have not received any kind of distribution yet can also collect the payment this week.

$1312 Stimulus Checks in February 2024

For other individuals, those residents who are holding the status of Eligible and Not Paid before the 10th of January (Wednesday), and not have received their payment for the year 2023 yet will get the check on the 18th of January. Apart from this, the conditions include a purpose for remaining as a resident of Alaska forever and not being a convicted lawbreaker. Adam Crum who is known as the Revenue Commissioner of the Alaska Department thanked the Permanent Fund Dividend Division for the work year-round which is tireless for administrating the processing of the applications as well as programs.

Stimulus is known as the context of economics which refers to the efforts that are led by the government for boosting the economic activities along with the downturns that are contract. This involves the injection of financial resources into the economy of the United States of America in order to stimulate spending, economic growth as well as investment.

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Stimulus measures generally include payments hat are direct to the households and individuals, incentives of tax, and a rise in the spending of the government on social programs and infrastructure. The main aim of all these initiatives is to bolster the confidence of customers, support businesses, and prevent the losses of jobs during the economic periods that are challenging. The challenging economic periods include recession, crises like COVID-19, and similar crises. The goal here is to foster recovery, and financial stability and to mitigate the bad impacts of the downturns that come in the economy as well as a business.

$1312 Stimulus Checks Overview 

Title of the post $1312 Stimulus Checks in February 2024
Category Government Aid
Country Alaska
Responsible authorityAlaska Department of Revenue
Amount $1312
Payment date15th February 2024

When to apply for $1312 Stimulus Checks for the year 2024

For those who are looking to get on the Permanent Fund Dividend for the year 2023 means that Alaskan residents can continue the application process through the paper traditionally or through the online application form until 3rd March 2024.

$1312 Stimulus Checks in February 2024 - Who is Eligible for this Payment and When Will You Get it?

USD 1312  Stimulus Check for February

Assistance is provided to the residents of Alaska by its government with a program called the $1312 Stimulus Check which is derived from the Permanent Fund Dividend of the state or PDF initiative.

The Department of Revenue of Alaska has planned to distribute the Permanent Fund Dividend to those residents who are eligible and who have not received any payments from the program in nearly 16 days. Checks will be sent out to those Alakanas on 15th February who have the stats of eligible but not paid by 7th February for the year 2023 or even before this.

Eligibility for February’s $1312 Stimulus Checks

It is important that specific criteria must be fulfilled which are given as follows:

  • Eligibility of PDF OR Permanent Fund Dividend: it is necessary for the prospective recipients to become qualified as a part of the Permanent Fund Dividend program of 2023. This means to have a status of eligible and unpaid for 6th December 2023 as this indicates that they have an active participation in the Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) program.
  • No distribution prior: Those individuals who are interested in the check of the stimulus must not have received any form of distribution from the Permanent Fund Dividend 2023 before submitting any kind of application. This helps in ensuring that the funds of stimulus are distributed in an equitable manner to those individuals who have not received any benefit from the Permanent Fund Dividend program.
  • Alaskan residents: in order to meet the criteria of eligibility, it is necessary for the applicants to express an intention to maintain residency in Alaska. Such stipulation is used or guarantees assistance in a monetary manner and thus provides benefits to residents directly for contributing to the economy of the state’s well-being.     
  • No convicted lawbreakers: apart from the above criteria, another criterion is that there should be a non-appearance of a felony conviction. This requirement shows that the emphasis is given to compliance with the law and therefore serves or excludes individuals with any kind of history related to crime.

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Process of $1312 stimulus check application

Even though there is no confirmation about any kind of February payment, it is very important to know the way by which it can be applied for further payments. For applying for the PFD or Permanent Fund Dividend, the following process must be followed.

First of all, it is necessary to start the process of application by applying for the PFD to secure the Stimulus Check of 1312 Dollars. This period of application extends typically until 31st March 2024.

Online application process: for applying online the user needs to first visit to the website of PFD to complete as well as submit the application form. It is necessary to ensure that up-to-date and accurate information during the online application process must be received.

Paper-based application process: For filling out the application traditionally, the users are required to get a form from the PFD program. The user then is required to complete the form in a careful manner and then mail it to the address designated before the deadline of the application.

Monitor the status of the application: Once the form is submitted, the next step then is to keep a close eye on the status of the PFD application. Further, the user should maintain the stats of eligible unpaid for the year 2-23 of 6th December. This will make the user eligible for the $1312 Stimulus Check.

Direct deposit information update: if the user is eligible and their application is approved then the stimulus check can be deposited directly into the bank account of the user. This will ensure that the PFD program has the most recent as well as accurate information for direct deposit for a payment that is ready.

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