BCCATC Payment Dates 2024 – What is the Eligibility and BC Climate Action Tax Credit Amount

If you are from British Columbia then you must know about BCCATC Payment Dates 2024. If not then read this article and know the updates available here. The BCCATC is a payment similar to the Climate Action Incentive Payment (CAIP) that has now been replaced by the Canada Carbon Rebate 2024. In Canada, BCCATC is the abbreviation of British Columbia Climate Action Tax Credit which is given to help low-income individuals or families with low incomes.

The impact of the carbon tax they pay in the province. Only British Columbia residents will benefit from this payment and they can receive it in their bank account. If you are thinking about this payment then you need to read this article and know the updates from the following sections.

BCCATC Payment Dates 2024

This is an important tax credit available to BC residents and is calculated based on the previous year’s T1 income tax and benefits return. The BCCATC Payment is also a combination of the 2024 Federal Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST) Credit. This is important for all individuals and families who pay the Canada Carbon Tax. This BCCATC Payment in 2024 will also help offset costs for low- and moderate-income people and families. The BC government announced in the 2024 budget that it will increase the Climate Action Tax Credit each year and by 2030, BC people will receive a full or partial credit from the government.

BCCATC Payments are quarterly payments available only to BC residents that offset the carbon tax citizens pay each year. However, the CRA administers this tax credit and allows people to receive some stimulus money that can ease their financial burden if they are from low- and moderate-income families. With the government’s new budget, the BCCATC Amount, like other tax credits in the province, may be increased starting July 1, 2024, depending on median household income. If you have one person in the family then it will depend on your AGI and further payment will be made accordingly. If you want to go deeper into this topic to understand the payments made to individuals or families then now you have to go through the following sections.

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British Columbia CATC Payment for Low Income – Overview

Article OnBCCATC Payment Dates 2024
DepartmentCanada Revenue Agency
GovernmentProvincial Government of BC
BeneficiaryB.C. Residents Only
Amount Depend onAFNI (Average Family Net Income)
Benefit YearJuly 2024 to June 2025
CategoryFinance News
BCCATC Amount$447 for Individual,
$223.50 for Spouse/ Common Law Partner
Payment Dates in MonthJuly, October, January, and April
Official Websitegov.bc.ca

What Do You Know About BCCATC?

BCCATC is a British Columbia Climate Action Tax Credit available to households living in British Columbia who pay a carbon tax each year. This payment will reduce the financial burden on families who are exposed to these types of taxes in BC. It is also a stimulus program run by the Government of British Columbia to help low-income people and families improve their financial situation. If you pay carbon tax you may be eligible to receive this payment into your bank account.

Residents of British Columbia who want to receive this financial assistance from the government can apply for the BCCATC Application Form 2024 which is now available on the official portal. Your name will be considered for this BCCATC Payment 2024 based on certain requirements set for families and individuals living in the province. According to the official update, British Columbia CATC Payments will be made on 2024 T1 income tax and benefits returns. You can receive this amount if you pay taxes in BC. You can read the following section for eligibility.

BCCATC Payment Dates 2024 - What is the Eligibility, Amount & Payment Dates

Eligibility to Receive Climate Action Incentive Credit in British Columbia?

There are no such requirements to receive this payment, but BC residents must meet certain criteria that allow them to receive this amount in their bank account. If you pay a carbon tax every year and are a permanent resident of British Columbia aged 19 and older, you can also receive this payment from the government. If you are living in a family, the average family net income must not exceed the federal limit set by the CRA.

Only permanent residents of British Columbia will receive this amount on their T1 income tax and benefits return. This means that you will have to pay all the taxes levied in this province on time. Income tax status will allow you to receive BCCATC Payments in April 2024. Now you have to wait for the official update and check the details available on the official portal. More than two lakh families in BC will benefit from this payment. It is also noted that only one family member in the family can claim this payment on his behalf.

What is the BCCATC Payment 2024 Benefit Amount

ParticularIncome Threshold AmountReduced Credit if AFNI is betweenCredit Reduced to Zero if AFNI as Following
Single$39115$39115 and $61465$61465 and above
Single Parent with One Child$50170$50170 and $83695$83695 and Above
Single Parent With two Children$50170$50170 and $89270$89270 and Above
Single Parent with Three Children$50170$50170 and $94845$94845 and Above
Married or Common Law with no Children$50170$50170 and $83695$83695 and Above
Married or Common Law Partner with One Child$50170$50170 and $89270$89270 and Above
Married or Common Law with Two Children$50170$50170 and 94845$94845 and Above
Married or Common Law with Three Children$50170$50170 and $100420$100420 and Above

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BCCATC Payment Dates 2024

Millions of families or people in British Columbia are waiting for this BC Climate Action Tax Credit Payment 2024. The government will provide this payment to all eligible residents every quarter. If you have applied for this payment and also pay carbon tax in BC, you can receive the stimulus money in your bank account. The amount will not remain the same for all the beneficiaries and if you have doubts about it then you can visit the official website for the latest updates.

This BCCATC Payment is also combined with the GST/HST Credit and distributed to the eligible beneficiary in a single payment. If we look at BCCATC Payment Schedule 2024 then it will be available in July 2024, October 2024, January 2024, and April 2024. However, payment will take approximately 10 days after the release date. So now you don’t have to worry about payment not arriving on the given dates. You can also visit the official website to know your payment status. If you want to get any kind of information here then you can tell me in the comment box given below. For relevant updates, can also bookmark this website.


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