$3,264 Extra SSI Payment Approved 2024? How can You Claim this Payment & Who is Eligible?

SSI or supplemental security income is known as a federal program designed in order to provide financial help to those who have lower income and are aged, disabled, and blind. The SSI benefit every month for the year 2023 is USD 943 for a single individual and for the couple, the amount is USD 1415. This amount is basically meant to cover the basic cost of living which includes food, clothing, and shelter. It is however necessary to note that this amount falls below $272 the federal poverty line. This therefore indicates that the issues can be faced by the beneficiaries in order to afford those expenses that are essential and include healthcare, food, housing, etc.

In order to address the financial probes of the beneficiaries of SSI, the SSI Restoration Act is proposed by the government authority. The main aim of this proposal is to raise the benefit amount of SSI every month to USD 1215. If such a proposal is implemented then this will make sure that the individual dependents on SSI would get an amount that is more than the poverty line. This will go a long way toward improving the well-being financially.

$3,264 Extra SSI Payment Approved 2024

SSI is a federal program of the United States of America that was introduced to provide financial support to those individuals who are 65 or older, disabled, or blind. Apart from this it also assists those individuals who have resources and income that is limited. Several states even provide additional amounts to the federal government SSI benefit.

In order to qualify for the SSI, applicants are required to meet specific criteria of age, blindness, and disability. The first criterion is that individuals are required to be 65 or older in age. Apart from this, another criterion is that the individuals must meet the definition of SSA of disabled or blind. Further, it is necessary for them to have a medically determinable impairment and should be expected to last for 12 months or result in the death of individuals. For children, It is important that the impairment causes several problems in the function of daily activities.

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USD 3264 Extra SSI Payment in 2024

The proposed increase could increase the level of benefit amount to the federal poverty line. This will result in approx. 8 million individuals who live currently below the line in poverty to see improvement in their financial situation. Almost 20 per cent reduction in the overall number of individuals living in poverty across the United States of America can be seen.

Apart from the SSI Restoration Act, there are various other legislative acts that are meant to reform the program of SSI. One of them includes the Saving Penalty Elimination Act. This act will help to update the limits of income and assets which could determine the eligibility for the benefits of SSI. This could help the recipient of SSI in saving more without taking risk of their eligibility for their benefit.

$3,264 Extra SSI Payment Approved 2024? How can You Claim this Payment & Who is Eligible?

Who will get the benefit of extra SSI?

The consumer price index for the Urban Wage earners is considered by the government. Apart from this, the government authority even considered the consumer price index of clerical workers for every financial year in order to reap the benefits related to SSI. The $3264 extra benefit related to SSI will be for those seniors who are qualified. Various financial statements are required to be submitted through tax returns by qualified seniors in order to make sure that they are getting low wages.

This amount will be in accordance with the 3.2 COLA rise. The payment from the option Get My Payment can be checked by the beneficiaries which is also available in the main account of the IRS. For law partners, the SSI amount of payment will be around $1261. This will be mainly helpful for individual citizens who are facing problems in managing their cost of living. The seniors will be beneficial as they are not required to pay any kind of debt, rent, bills, or any such expense. The individual can easily spend their amount for their own self.

$3,264 Extra SSI Payment Dates 2024

Dates 14, 21 as well as 28 of the month of February for the year 2024 are mainly considered as the potential dates on which beneficiaries will get the amount of payment. This amount will rise as per the COLA for the monetary benefits. The citizens are mainly advised to check the information related to payments only through the website of the internet and not from any other source.

The amount will be USD 943 for those individuals who are single and USD 1415 for couples. This amount can be varied as per the various factors that are taken into consideration by the Social Security Administration. It is possible that this year the crises related to money or financial crises can be managed easily by seniors.

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How to apply for the SSI

Applying for SSI involves various steps which are given below in a detailed manner.

  • The individual cannot complete the entire application process for SSI online. Individual scans begin the process of the SSI application and adult disability on the official website of SSA.
  • The individual is required to contact SSA in order to make an appointment to apply over the phone or can even visit the local SSA office in person.
  • The individual is required to complete the application process which will involve the financial situation of the individual, their medical condition, history of work, and all living arrangements.
  • The SSA can invite the individual to participate in an interview which can happen in person or through phone.
  • After the submission of the application process and completion of the interview, the SSA will process the application of the individuals.
  • Individuals can get a letter from SSA related to the decision on their application.

All these steps will help individuals in applying for the SSI process. Individuals should make sure that all the details are correct when filling out the application as this will make the application process easier.

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