$3,600 Child Tax Credit per Child – Who is Eligible to Receive this Payment and How Can You Claim it?

The relief from the burden of tax to working families is provided by the Child Tax Credit of the American Rescue Plan which is also said as the greatest child tax credit in history. This credit is not categorized as debt. This is known as a federal tax benefit which contributes to the taxpayer in a significant manner with the monetary help of children.

Nowadays families can get an advantage from the CTC in which IRS will offer almost USD 3600 for every younger child whose age is 6 and USD 3000 for every child whose age is between 6 and 17. Those Americans who have children and are under the age of 18 can register for this CTC for the year 2024 on the official website, www.irs.gov.

The expenses of an increasing number of children who are dependent are reduced by the CTC of the United States of America for the year 2024. In this post, the complete information related to the $3,600 Child Tax Credit Per Child for the citizens of the United States of America.

$3,600 Child Tax Credit per Child for US

The maximum age for the American Rescue Plan increased from 16 to 17 thus boosting the Child Tax Credit from USD 2000 TO USD 3000 for those kids who are over 6 and from USD 2000 to USD 3600 for those children who are under 6. The overall credit will be provided to those couples that are earning USD 150,000 or for households in which one parent earns USD 112,500.

Since the eligibility and increased amount of the tax credit for children is broadened by the American Rescue Plan therefore almost all households became eligible. The children’s Tax Credit can be claimed fully by any family with a child that has a number of Social Security even when they are not the caregiver of the child or have not recently filed their tax return. One of the most important factors for helping families get financial aid is the Child Tax Credit of the United States of America for the year 2024. This I known as the summary process which is used for calculating the amount of credit.

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Overview of $3600 Child Tax Credit in US

Title of the article $3,600 Child Tax Credit per Child for US
Country name The United States of America 
Provided by IRS
Amount of CTC Varies as per the children’s number 
Eligible age of CTC Under 18 years 

Child Tax Credit 2024 USD 3600 Payment

Under the Child Tax Credit, every kid is is eligible under the age of 18 may get over USD 2000 for the year 2024 tax year. A great deal is received by the taxpayer from this amount which reduces the monetary stain related to raising kids. There is a process for partial refund ability even though the Child Tax Credit is not refundable. Those taxpayers who are qualified may be able to receive a refund partially of up to USD 1600 for the year 2024. This therefore implies that the individual is still eligible for the return of certain credits even when the individuals owe no kind of federal income tax.

$3,600 Child Tax Credit per Child - Who is Eligible to Receive this Payment and How Can You Claim it?

$3,600 Child Tax Credit 2024 Eligibility criteria

It is necessary that taxpayers are required to remain aware of the IRS Child Tax Credit for the year 2024 criteria for eligibility for accessing if they are eligible for such a program. The children are required to be under the age of 18 before the end of the taxation year. This rise makes more families’ eligible than under the past restrictions of 17 years old.

In order to make the payment eligible, the children are required to have a number of Social Security. It is necessary for the young to spend almost half of their financial year in line with the payer of tax. It is the taxpayer needed to choose one of the given tax statuses which are head of household, qualified widow or widower with dependent children, single or married filing jointly. All these requirements align with the credit with the overall filing status of tax taxpayers.

The credit taper out for those individuals who have greater MAGI or Modified Adjusted Gross Income over USD 200,000 or USD 400000 for those couples that are married for jointly filing. Tax professionals can help individuals ascertain eligibility if there is confusion related to this tax credit.   

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How Can You Claim USD 3600 CTC Per Child in US

After the verification of the qualifications or eligibility conditions, the applicants can proceed with the submission of the application form for remaining granted such benefits from the government of the United States of America. In order to find the application process for the Child Tax Credit for the year 2024 at irs.gov, the applicants are required to follow the steps which are given below:

  • The first step is to prepare the federal tax return for the year 2023. It is necessary for individuals to respond by 15th April for the year 2024 if any extension is required by the individuals. The form 1040-SR or 1040 form must be used for filing the taxes of the individuals.
  • The benefits for the qualified children as well as other depend, Schedule 8812 must be used at the time of filing the return on tax. Comprehensive data for the eligibility of every child is required for Schedule 8812. Name, relationship, and SSN are all included in this.
  • It is important to visit the official website at www.irs.gov once the first two steps are completed. All these applicants are requested cordially to complete the application process by including all information that is relevant.

The applicants who are in charge calculated the amount of tax credit independently. It is expected that the candidate evaluates this form before the submission process it is necessary for the applicant to attest all the information that is necessary on the application.

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