$1400/Month Stimulus Checks Approved for All States – Who will Get this USD 1400 Monthly Payment in USA?

USD1.9 trillion is signed by President Joe Biden in new relief of coronavirus into law. This means that the $1400/month stimulus check for all states can start to reach America in the coming days. This payment must go to almost 159 million individuals. These checks will be almost $1400 for each individual and $ 2800 for those couples who are married.

Apart from this additional $1400 will be given to every department. Like previous direct payments, such type of third round will mainly be based on income. The limit of income for the receivers of the maximum amount will always remain the same. Those individuals who earn almost $75000 in gross income that is adjusted, $112500 for the heads of the households, and $150000 for the married couples filing jointly will receive the full $1400 per person.

$1400/Month Stimulus Checks Approved for All States

The amount phases out at a faster clip this time. Therefore the payment will be surpassed at $80,000 for each individual, $120000 for the heads of households, and $160000 for the married couple. Individuals who have the gross income level that is mentioned will not receive anything. Consequently very less individuals will get the reduced payments this time.

If the individuals received full payment the previous time then they will again get full payment this time. This shows that the income of the user has not been changed substantial. If you want to get more detailed information about the $1400/Month Stimulus Checks for All States, then you need to read the complete article given below. We have provided all information related to eligibility criteria, payment dates etc in this article.

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$1400/Month Stimulus Checks overview

Title $1400/Month Stimulus Checks Approved for All States
Country The United States of America 
Amount $1400 
Category Government Aid
Responsible authority American Rescue Plan 
Payment date April (estimate)

Eligibility criteria for getting $1400/Month Stimulus Checks

The stimulus check of $1400/Month for all states will mainly base either on the year 2020 or on the year 2019 tax returns. This will depend on the filing that is most recent and has been processed by the IRS. Payments will also be sent to non-filers which are in the records. The list of those who will receive the money and those who will not receive the money is given below:

  • Adult dependents 

The payment of $1400 will also be received to those dependents that are eligible. This time, it includes those whose age is 17 or more. The money will be sent to those individuals who have claimed that they are dependents.

$1400/Month Stimulus Checks Approved for All States - Who will Get this USD 1400 Monthly Payment in USA?
  • Households with mixed-status

As with previous checks, individuals will require a Social Security number that is valid for qualifying. So if the user has filed his or her tax with ITIN or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number then the user is not qualified.

For married couples in which one spouse has a Social Security Number and another has or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, then only that spouse which have the Social Security number will receive payment amount. The children of the married couples are also qualified as they also have a Social Security Number which is valid.

  • Dead individuals 

Those individuals who were alive on 1st January will be qualified for the monetary advantage.

  • People who have debts unpaid 

Those individuals who have private debts that are unpaid –other than outstanding payment of child support, or debt related to tax can be said on risk for having garnishing for the stimulus check. Lawmakers generally use the process named reconciliation of budget for passing the relief package for coronavirus which also limited their ability to prevent payments garnishments. However, consumer trade groups as well as banking have called for legislation to change that.

$1400/Month Stimulus Payments in Year 2024

If any individual is not receiving any payment of $1400 or a reduced check but the income changes then the individual may be able to claim the amount due by the individual when taxes are filed next year. The American Rescue Plan was signed by President Joe Biden which is a package of $1.9 trillion. This therefore means that the 3rd round of cash payments will be soon on the way.

This payment round will be a bit more for many individuals who have previously received checks. Instead of USD 600, which was sent out in the month of December, individuals will get $1400 which will mainly depend on their level of income. The income threshold however will receive $1400/Month Stimulus Checks will be stricter this time.

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Expected date for receiving the $1400 Monthly stimulus amount

An estimated timeline regarding the timeline on the status of $1400/Month Stimulus checks is given by Nancy Pelosi who is a House Speaker. According to her, the mark-ups in the committee will be finished by this week and then this will be sent to the budget committee next week. She even added that they are aiming to offset the deadline on April when some benefits that are unemployed will expire. She even said that they are planning to pass it by the February end so that it can be sent to the desk of the president before the benefits of unemployment expire.

If the bill is signed around the 14th of April then several Americans who are eligible can likely expect to see these checks by the end of April month. Approximately two weeks were taken for the direct deposits for rolling out to Americans in the first relief round through the CARES Act previous April. The wait was very long for those who did not file taxes and for those who opted for other options for receiving the relief like through a mailed check. Some $1400/Month Stimulus checks will begin to deposit in the accounts very soon however, others could take a huge time which will mainly depend upon very few factors:

  • In the case of $1400/Month Stimulus Checks, those recipients who are redirected will likely get their checks very soon. These payments of direct deposits will begin to register in accounts after a week from the previous package of Stimulus.
  • The physical checks will take longer time which is more than a week as compared to direct deposits. This therefore should begin to go out starting april.
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